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Gizem Birimi

Gizem Birimi (2013) Movie Poster
Turkey  •    •  95m  •    •  Directed by: Erkut Altindag.  •  Starring: Begum Arslan, Serhan Atesok, Guven Delikanli, Seyfettin Delikanli, Burcu Gulhuz Gencturk, Fatos Gezmis, Hakan Huseyin Gul, Jeffrey Howison, Cigdem Kaya, Irem Kurt, Ugur Kurt, Avni Alp Mumcu, Eren Okumus..
     In 2012, an unexplained flying object crashes in Turkey. The government establishes a special force to search for the truth.


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Image from: Gizem Birimi (2013)
I was extremely lucky to get the chance to watch this film yesterday. As soon as possible I think it will be shown on TV, cinema etc.

'Gizem Birimi' is a fantastic film with sci-fi and comedy. Mystery Unit officers to investigate supernatural events in Turkey. An effective film that makes us think about laughing (Twin sister scene, ice-tea, iron in the refrigerator and the aliens in the capture of comedy scenes, Aliens said we're surrendering on the latest scene :)), etc.). Also the music is great.

There are many UFO movies made, but I think, this successful film made in Turkey.

Review by inovatorler from the Internet Movie Database.