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Stopwatch (2011) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  52m  •    •  Directed by: Gwendolyn Holbrow.  •  Starring: Edward Alley, Alison Arico, Corey Bois, Cameron Burke, Francesca Cerutti-Harris, Brian Halbert, Nicole Halbert, Evan Harris, Janie Harris, James Heaney, Marian Heaney, Nolan Heaney, Edward Michael Hipson.  •  Music by: Charles J Holbrow.
    When a popular science teacher dies suddenly, Framingham High School students are devastated. At the funeral, Zach steals the urn, which contains both the ashes and (unbeknownst to him) Dr. Barkley's treasured gold pocket watch that can stop time. Zach and fellow students Alex and Erik meet to scatter the ashes in the Sudbury River, and while his friends' backs are turned, Zach is abducted by aliens who are seeking the watch. Will Alex and Erik discover the powers of the watch in time to rescue Zach from the clutches of the treacherous Commander Murnk and save the lives of the watch's inventors?


Image from: Stopwatch (2011)
Image from: Stopwatch (2011)
Image from: Stopwatch (2011)
Pure white-hot wit, comedic gold, and an action packed adventure for the whole family to enjoy! I liked it. The wife liked it. The dog liked it. Gotta fill ten lines. But there's no more to say. This movie is incredible. You should watch it now! The aliens really made me believe that life exists elsewhere in the universe and that we're not alone in this grand existence. I hope the chronological engineers of Klepsydra come and take me away on an adventure someday too. Those kids in the film are so lovable, and the ending is such a nail-biter, you really hope and pray that they end up successful. And that kid Zach is cute as hell too.

Review by david-423-725568
from the Internet Movie Database.