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Misty Green Sky, The

Misty Green Sky, The (2017) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  81m  •    •  Directed by: Jack Foster...
A young girl in another solar system asks an innocent question that sets off a chain reaction of adventure, destruction and tragedy.


As much as I love amateur 3D art, I'm annoyed with this. The creators should get a grasp of film making and the technical aspects of cgi because this movie has writing, directing, cinematography, editing and a bevy of other visual issues. Instead of an organically unfolding story, we get exposition and poorly paced scenes, many of which are drawn out and pointless. There was enough story for maybe a short film, not a full feature.

The visuals actually obstructed the storytelling. Most of the animation was so bad that I was unsure what emotions were being expressed. Plus with free and very capable programs like Blender available, nothing animated and rendered in 2016 should look like this, even if you are using lower end PoserDaz characters. On a positive note, I did enjoy some of the music, particularly the ending theme.

Review by gennyt84 from the Internet Movie Database.