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Contactee (2018) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  94m  •    •  Directed by: Vincent Caldoni.  •  Starring: Vincent Caldoni, Patrick D. Green, Sara Robbin, Anteah Suttle..
    When therapist Jay Rossi takes the case of a beguiling mental patient Talia he's won over by her tales of alien abduction. Together they hatch a plan to break her out of a secure facility and document the phenomenon at a remote cabin in the mountains, but tangling with an otherworldly intelligence proves more dangerous and unpredictable than anyone could have ever foreseen.


I realize that not every screen writer is an expert on everything they write about, but a quick google search on the words "licensed counselor" might have made it clear to the writer that this particular job does not involve stethoscopes, phlebotomy, or blood labs. Nor does it involve romantic entanglements in private cabins with patients. It definitely doesn't involve climbing into bed with a patient (particularly not a bed over which you've placed a hidden camera." Add in man-handling terrified patients and forcing pills down their throats with wine, and the entire therapist-patient relationship becomes a vision of shock and awe.

Perhaps, though, to this character, the idea of professional ethics is as confusing as it clearly is to the writer. Frankly, though, we were never given the idea that the therapist believed he was doing anything wrong. He was completely comfortable with his behavior. The film-maker seemed to be equally comfortable with it. It was supposed to be seen as "helpful" and maybe a little romantic. ::shudder::

Ultimately, aliens saying "weird" and "attagirl" were the most realistic and believable aspects of this fiasco.

Over all, this is like the film-making version of those early, terrible acts by delusional contestants on reality TV talent shows. If you get a kick out of those, this is the film for you. Or if you're just curious what the products of the modern education system are doing with their lives. Or if you just have a slow day with nothing to do and you want to see how deep the stupid goes.

Review by kay_rock from the Internet Movie Database.