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Visitor from Space

Visitor from Space (2016) Movie Poster
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USA  •    •  67m  •    •  Directed by: Mike Sadouskas.  •  Starring: Mark Motz, Mike Sadouskas, Ken Skelton, Jason Dudas, Leland Schuler, Maurice Mattei, Melody Sadouskas, Jack Voet, Joe Schutzman, Emily Sadouskas, George Bruns, Tim Caldwell, John Suhr..
    A Kentucky Air National Guard pilot disappears while chasing a mysterious flying object over the skies of Northern Kentucky in late-December, 1947. The USAF sends Project Saucer, accompanied by a team of scientists and a veteran UPI reporter to investigate the strange disappearance, What they discover forever changes America's view of flying saucers as just a harmless distraction.


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Image from: Visitor from Space (2016)
Image from: Visitor from Space (2016)
Image from: Visitor from Space (2016)
Image from: Visitor from Space (2016)
Image from: Visitor from Space (2016)
Image from: Visitor from Space (2016)
I rarely respond to posts from amateur "film critics". But in this particular case, I feel as if I have no choice. I have watched "Visitor from Space" multiple times and I absolutely GET what the creators were doing. In fact, the "Visitor from Space" producers make it quite clear on You Tube that they're presenting an homage to "Ed Wood-style" 50's sci fi films.

I had to laugh when I read these self-important bloviators criticizing various aspects of this fun film. Why? Because it is painfully obvious to anyone who has a clue about the true beauty of 50's sci fi films that the things that were criticized WERE DONE ON PURPOSE.

Most 50's sci fi films were produced in just a few days. The cast was typically comprised of studio contract actors who were told, "You'll be finished with your Western movie on Sunday. You will then report to Studio 8 for a sci fi film on Monday."

These wonderful 50's movies were produced on shoestring budgets with poor special effects, shaky acting, somewhat formulaic dialogue, continuity problems galore. Despite all of these wonderful films' obvious flaws, they were always a huge hit with Drive-In and Saturday matinee moviegoers. These films also included an important message about the real dangers of that time. That the true beauty of it.

Hats off to the producers of Visitor from Space. They completely captured the spirit of low-budget 50's sci fi B movies. You will get a big kick out of this movie if you have even a remote clue about that wonderful time so many years ago.

Review by jackarnold-22687 from the Internet Movie Database.