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Down Home Alien Blues, The

Down Home Alien Blues, The (2012) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  96m  •    •  Directed by: C. Duke Marsh.  •  Starring: Nathalie Biermanns, Jay Mitsch, Derek Partridge, Berenika Maciejewicz, Eric Satterberg, Aaron Groben, Kristen Hansen, Steve Bernard, Mando Garza, Barbara J Anderson, Julian Gerami, Kamilah M. Holder, Renata Green-Gaber.  •  Music by: John Vincent McCauley.
    Jorie Mikkalah, the beautiful alien commander and her strike force are sent to protect earth from destruction by extraterrestrial Devastators. When she is stranded and alone she joins forces with a Florida homicide detective investigating the unexplained deaths. They fall in love while evading humans and working together to stop the Devastators from killing everyone on earth.


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