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Deadpool 2

Directed by: David Leitch.
Starring: Josh Brolin, Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Zazie Beetz, Brianna Hildebrand, Brad Pitt, Bill Skarsgård, Matt Damon, T.J. Miller, Terry Crews, Rob Delaney, Alan Tudyk, Julian Dennison, Lewis Tan, Jack Kesy, Eddie Marsan, Shioli Kutsuna, Leslie Uggams, Hayley Sales, Stefan Kapicic, Karan Soni, Mike Dopud, Randal Reeder, Luke Roessler, Scott Vickaryous...
Release Dates: Hong Kong - May 31, 2018     Japan - June, 2018     Mexico - Jun 1, 2018     Vietnam - May 25, 2018    
Wisecracking mercenary Deadpool joins forces with three mutants -- Bedlam, Shatterstar and Domino -- to protect a boy from the all-powerful Cable.
Deadpool 2 (2018) Poster

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Triangles and Terrible Times

Directed by: Timothy Sheard.
Starring: Jonathan E. Moore, Timothy Sheard, Sasha Kiriyak, Thomas Santos, David Lowery...
Jacobs sister is kidnapped and now he has an opportunity to go back in time and save her.
Triangles and Terrible Times (2018) Poster
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