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Never Alone

Never Alone (2019) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  47m  •    •  Directed by: Ronnie Michael.  •  Starring: Alan Brent, Ariel Michael, Neal Gage, Eleanor T. Threatt, Chelsea Newman, Rudi Lee, Hassan Shaheed II.  •  Music by: Rafael Fernandez-Viedma.
A story of a lonely, widowed, and reclusive old man who helps a crash landed alien.


Director Ronnie Michael uses low key lighting to give a feeling of isolation of the main character borrowing on the earlier 40s techniques of film noir. The use of shadow pervades Carl's life as he is caught between the light and darkness of his situation of loneliness. There are times when the lighting is uplifting with use of soft high key lighting to show his mood has returned to his former life of being needed again and then back to low key lighting as he realizes he has to return to his unbearable isolation once more. The music genius of Raphael Fernandez-Viedma also accentuates the feeling of the story giving the audience the feeling of strangeness, of time running out to a wonderful view of love and caring for others in our lives. During its Oscar qualifying week in Hollywood, many audience members have commented on how this film moved them personally. This film is highly recommended as it tells a wonderful story of friendship and endearing love.

Review by ronmichael from the Internet Movie Database.