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Living Dog, A

Living Dog, A (2019) Movie Poster
Germany  •    •  94m  •    •  Directed by: Daniel Raboldt.  •  Starring: Stefan Ebel, Siri Nase, Nikolai Will, Michelle Wiesemes.  •  Music by: Nora Ebel.
    The war between mankind and intelligent machines has begun - and the machines are winning. Tomasz is a deserter who tries to hide as far away from the battle as possible. In the vast emptiness of northern Scandinavia he meets Lilja, the last survivor of a resistance group, who is determined to fight the superior machines. A scheme that unavoidably collides with Tomasz's plan of lying low and surviving. With every minute that passes the machines get closer, searching for the last remains of the human race. And the enemy doesn't just shoot on sight - their perfect sensors are programmed to recognize human voice patterns. So if you speak or even whisper - you die.


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Seen it at Snowdance Festival in Germany. And never seen a sci fi no budget with this amazing quality in VFX - especially because of the huge amount of VFX shots in the film.

Loved the mood of the film. If you are into indie films I'm sure you will enjoy "A Living Dog" as a very special and unique indie sci fi thriller, even if the very low budget and the very short shooting time cannot be hidden everywhere. But the production value compared to the financial input is near to infinetely.

Review by docmiguel from the Internet Movie Database.