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Letzte Land, Das

Letzte Land, Das (2019) Movie Poster
Germany  •    •  113m  •    •  Directed by: Marcel Barion.  •  Starring: Torben Föllmer, Milan Pesl.  •  Music by: Marcel Barion, Oliver Kranz.
    Two dissimilar men in a small, old spaceship set off in search of a new home


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This is amateur writer, director, producer, editor, cinematographer, sound, set designer, composer, S&VFX (whew) Marcel Barion's first main film project. It's a heck of a risk to wear pretty much every filmmaking hat, and not flop, especially by a new filmmaker. But I have to say, he was very close to pulling it off.

I joked about the old tech clunker spaceship set, but in reality, it was awesome. I'm sure he had a limited budget for this indie film, but somehow he made it work, and I felt I knew every part of that ship. The cinematography, S&VFX were absolutely stunning and perfection... better than some seasoned filmmakers movies I've seen lately. The score was also perfect, especially for a B grade film, where they are usually loud, overbearing and unfitting. The two cast members gave decent performances.

BUT, where this film drastically failed, was in the long dragged out and convoluted story (especially the lame ending), the slow pacing that made the already too-long 113 min runtime feel like 3+ hours, and the constant long camera shots that felt like someone paused the film. I think Barion must've misplaced his editor's hat, because this film needed at least 30-45 mins cut out to make the story and pacing bearable. The story started off well, but once they were flying, the conversations were just dumb and insignificant. It's like a 5th grader wrote the dialogue, and got bored towards the ending. The story never really switched gears until the last 10 minutes. So basically, take the first and last 15-20 mins, get rid of the useless middle filler, and this would've been a great short film.

What's really sad, is that all Barion had to do, is have his screenplay proofread and edited by a seasoned writer, and everything would've fallen into place, and this film would've been outstanding. Nevertheless, still an impressive production by an amateur filmmaker that put this entire film together by himself. Sadly, it's only a 610, but could've easily been at least an 8 or more. Hopefully Barion will learn from this for his next project.

Review by TopDawgCritic from the Internet Movie Database.