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Illegal Being

Illegal Being (2018) Movie Poster
UK  •    •  87m  •    •  Directed by: Matthew Reynolds..  •  Music by: Sam Low, Gabriel Ness.
In 2030 Britain, a humanoid Alien lands on the shores of Liverpool and befriends an isolated girl. Meanwhile, the instatement of the twenty five year old, xenophobic ex-actor Michael Crank as the new Prime Minister ensures that the Alien's arrival is far from welcoming.


I feel I must start this review by stating Conor O'Neil who has one of the staring roles in this film is my nephew and the prime ministers house is actually my mum house but don't let you think this has clouded my judgement of the film. I have watched the film progress from the first frankly drawn out and amateurish first draft through to the slick impressive film it has become today. Yes I still think it feels clunky in places and drawn out but there is much to admire in the skill of the cutting in of actual footage to make the project more "real" and the use of the news reports to carry through the narrative of the film. The film itself has a lot to say about the way our society treats outsiders today and both Conor O'Neill and John Reynolds turn out thought provoking performances, if not slightly over acted in places. I particularly enjoyed the running scene in Liverpool city centre and the final cut mostly looks slick and professional the exception to this is the final gas chamber scene which was ruined for me by poor lighting and sound. Having said this everyone has to start somewhere and some guys with a camera have definitely hit the ground running. I watched the film with the mindset that I wouldn't enjoy it, I enjoy neither science fiction or the "Blair witch" style filming most aspiring film makers prefer but I was really impressed and entertained, I forgot I knew Conor and was transported into the story. A great new project from a very talented film crew.

Review by kellett33 from the Internet Movie Database.