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Battle Bots

Battle Bots (2018) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  67m  •    •  Directed by: Mark Polonia.  •  Starring: Danielle Donahue, Jeff Kirkendall, Marie DeLorenzo, James Carolus, Tim Hatch, James Kelly..
Planet Earth, 2039: The superpowers of the world have destroyed the continents with nuclear warfare. The New Order, a fanatic cult with a pseudo-scientific fixation on large robots that had been previously used to mine the center of the Earth, rule the surviving population with a doctrine of militaristic slavery. An opposition group, The Fighters, live like scavengers and avoid the New Order's death troops while plotting how to overthrow their reign of terror.


This is a really fun B movie by Mark Polonia, much like many of his other films, Robowar pays tribute to many sci-fi and genre films while creating a new engaging and entertaining story. While the movie its obviously quite low budget, that never actually stops it from delivering some good mecha action with actors on robot suits fighting, some really cool villians and likable characters that work really well on this cheesy, charming and fun no-budget flick.

Recommended for modern day B movie fans, if you like microbudget sci-fi or if you are a Mark Polonia fan you should truly watch this one.

Review by MonsterVision99 from the Internet Movie Database.