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Wakefield Project, A

Wakefield Project, A (2018) Movie Poster
Canada / USA  •    •  88m  •    •  Directed by: L.A. Lopes.  •  Starring: Rob Archer, Dan Yeager, Eileen Dietz, Pedro Miguel Arce, Anthony Bewlz, Dennis Andres, Lindsay Seim..
The veil between the living and the dead has lifted for 24 hours, would you survive?


Eric and Reese have moved to Wakefield to start a bed and breakfast, just in time for solar flares to kick in. A medium shows up and starts informing them of the history of their property, which was once owned by a killer named Nathan Cross. A shift in energy from the flares causes the veil between the living and dead to lift, so all the death in this quaint little town has come back to haunt everyone.

Director L.A. Lopes played a cashier in the remake of Poltergeist and now she's making movies of her own. It was written by Lindsay Seim, who was in Insidious: Chapter 2 and St. Agatha before this. Oddly, she doesn't list writing this film in her IMDB credits.

Review by BandSAboutMovies from the Internet Movie Database.