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Hidden Peaks

Hidden Peaks (2018) Movie Poster
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Australia  •    •  107m  •    •  Directed by: Adrian Castro.  •  Starring: Tamara Guo, Laurent Boiteux, Jonathan Lee Jones, Sam Alhaje, Mike Booth, Jackie Brooke, Mark Brown, Duke Kieran Burns, Adrian Castro, Tali Coid, Renee Cuskelly, Leo Fong, Jade Alexcein Fuda.  •  Music by: Me-Lee Hay.
     Eliza awakens into an apocalyptic world she has no memory of. She encounters and flees from creatures called 'Reapers' that thrive on human flesh. Jarred is a survivor still fighting the Reapers. Death lurks and beckons with every step. Together, Eliza and Jarred along with a group of survivors learn the true meaning of fear, and how humans must work together to stay - alive. Most will die. Only the strongest survive.


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Image from: Hidden Peaks (2018)
Image from: Hidden Peaks (2018)
Image from: Hidden Peaks (2018)
Image from: Hidden Peaks (2018)
Image from: Hidden Peaks (2018)
Image from: Hidden Peaks (2018)
Image from: Hidden Peaks (2018)
Right, well I didn't exactly know what I was getting myself into here when I sat down to watch "Hidden Peaks". Well, I use the term 'sat down' loosely here, because I got back up after 29 minutes.

Yup, 29 minutes of nothing interesting happening on the screen. Then I simply just had enough. The world was ending in the movie, yet I didn't care. There were some fairly interesting enough creatures known as 'Reapers' chasing after the surviving humans, yet I didn't care. There was a girl with way too much make-up and green teeth in a sewer pipe, yet I didn't care.

This movie felt very amateurish, like something in the likes of a film school project. Which was also one of the primary reasons why it never really appealed to me in any way. Plus the acting in the movie was shoddy, so that stole away a heap of enjoyment from the movie, essentially making it unbearable to witness.

The creature design in the movie was actually adequate, but it was hardly nowhere near enough to make it durable to sit through an hour and a half of this. I was ready to claw my eyes out after 29 minutes, so I just simply gave up. And I have zero interest in returning to watch the rest of "Hidden Peaks" at any time in the future.

This movie was a boring disappointment, and I can't recommend that you spend time, money or effort on watching it, unless you were in the movie or know someone in the production of the movie. Just stay well clear of this one, as some peaks were meant to remain hidden and never to be seen again.

Review by paul_haakonsen from the Internet Movie Database.