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Pedra da Serpente, A

Pedra da Serpente, A (2018) Movie Poster
Brazil  •    •  75m  •    •  Directed by: Fernando Sanches.  •  Starring: Fabio Acorsi, Renata Amaral, Claudia Campolina, Antoniela Canto, Pedro Paulo de Andrade, Mariana Fleury, Juvenal Galeno, Ricardo Gelli, Johnny Klein, Gilda Nomacce, Fernando Rios, Pedro Sanches, Sidney Sanches.  •  Music by: Paulinho Corcione, Dricka Lima.
After losing a baby in the third trimester, Joana decides to go on vacation in Peruibe, a small seaside town, known for UFO's sightings. After a one night stand, Joana runs over a man and kills him. Joana then ignites a strange relationship with Maria, the wife of the man she killed and finds herself immersed in a peculiar story of alien abductions.


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