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Proximity (2019) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  119m  •    •  Directed by: Eric Demeusy...
No synopsis is available for this movie.


A story of an abduct who's going through the typical media fire of disbelieve which leads him to a Journey of both self discovery while trying to avoid the government agents.

In what only can be described as a chance gone with the wind, WriterDirector Eric Demeusy of this mess literally in this film throws a 100 ideas at the wall and sees what sticks! The movie starts with a typical "Fair" abduction incidents, then turns into a teen adventure of running around - with many illogical plot holes - and ends up being childish bs failing to come up with a decent ending.

I mainly have two thoughts aside from all this mess, one is the CGI of the UFO and how it ascend to space...clearly the director never saw a UFO neither a video of it. two and most important, I'm not sure if the WriterDirector have ever read his "biblebibles" before or if he's just a blind fanatic...

Newsflash for anyone, "Don't Involve ChristianityJudaism With Aliens or Science"! There are countless contradiction between ChristianityJudaism and science. Christianity believes planet earth is the only inhabited planet in the universe and deny the existence of any aliens as if God created all the universe in vain! Least to say in the various christian denominations out there preach in their bibles that God created us in his image "there can't be greys" and God chose his "Only" Demigod son for saving us from sins "again No Greys, reptilians, Nordics...etc"! Not to mention the flat earth concept which is clearly mentioned in the oldnew testament having four corners plus the less than 6000 years universe...etc. Thus it's always a very bad - and laughable - combination to combine ChristianityJudaism with science in anyway.

My advice is to skip this one, it's something between a teen and childish undefined flick which has no real shape or form.

Review by Impartial-Critic from the Internet Movie Database.