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Who (2018) Movie Poster
India  •    •  153m  •    •  Directed by: Ajay Devaloka.  •  Starring: Sajin Saleem, Sajin Saleem, Shine Tom Chacko, Pearle Maaney, Sruthi Menon, Prasanth Nair, Gopu Padaveedan, Rajeev Pillai.  •  Music by: Manikandan Ayyappa, Mangal Suvarnan.
In Mercada, a mysterious valley that is spread across 200 km, strange events occur every year on the Christmas day. A young girl, a dream interpreter, a criminal psychologist and a team of two police officers try to solve the puzzles.


The movie is very ambitious - it wants to tackle topics as bizarre as dream telepathy, time travel, out-of-body experiences and UFOs; topics that even experienced directors might find challenging to convincingly pull off in an engaging manner. And yet, for all its ambition, it fails in even the most basic departments like a solid screenplay or acting.

I have no clue what happened in the movie. There, I said it. And what makes this all the more frustrating is I can't even read up online to make sense of this film - because no one else knows either.

The premise is interesting - a death occurs every year on Christmas Eve. And all the deaths are connected by one common thread. But this is it - you better write your own story to satiate your appetite for this mystery because you won't find it in the film. You know that feeling when you walk out of some films astounded by the complexity of what you just watched. Then, you begin to devour furiously all the theories online, rewatch the film, and are wowed by all the details you missed. Rewatching this film will not help though because the details are absent. They apparently are making a second film to explain this one. But why! This is no TV show. Every film should give some closure on its own.

The acting is painful. When some of the characters speak in English and mutter what is supposed to be deeply profound, the net effect is downright laugh out loud. The effect is akin to watching Avengers or Jurassic Park in a regional language. Except Pearle Maney, who did her best to breathe life into her character, the actors were just average at best at their performance.

Review by Sindujaa from the Internet Movie Database.