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Belushi's Toilet

Belushi's Toilet (2018) Movie Poster
Canada  •    •  121m  •    •  Directed by: Andrew Wright.  •  Starring: Mark Nocent, Emmanuel Correia, Hayden Finkelshtain, Alex Frankson, Nancy Morrison, Matthew Sauvé, Samantha Spatari, Andre Guantanamo, Andrew Bee, Marlene Vieira Leslie, Katherine Anne Fairfoul, Peter Mazzucco, Rachel Resnik..
    In the not so distant future, the war on drugs is considered a failure. Prohibition has ended. A group of friends risk their relationships and sanity, to create the perfect new drug.


Andrew Wright has created a very original piece of film making, anchored with highly creative screenwriting, solid acting, and excellent work behind the camera (big shout out to DOP Voitek Pendrak) and in visual effects, not to mention his eclectic soundtrack (including EDM tracks Wright wrote himself). This little gem will take you on a continuous, drug-infused trip (make that multiple trips), interspersed with several dark humor moments, and under a sci-fifuturistic umbrella. It's a fine testament to what you can achieve when you have a dream and a vision, even when working with a tiny budget, and a reminder to everyone to support independent filmmakers and what they can bring to enrich our cultural lives.

Review by mazen-baradhy from the Internet Movie Database.