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Alien nightmare X

Alien nightmare X (2018) Movie Poster
Russia  •    •  63m  •    •  Directed by: Dmitriy Khmelyov.  •  Starring: Ruslan Abdullaev, Dmitriy Khmelyov, Vladislav Krivenchuk, Viktor Murzikov, Sanek, Alex Wesley.  •  Music by: Dmitriy Khmelyov.
    2025 year. Alex and Victor return to Earth, only to understand that the native planet has turned into ruins, sprouted jungle, and the streets are scouring for the survivors of evil alien reptilians. And only after uniting with the warrior known as the Obsessed, Alex and Victor have a chance to repel the space invaders.


This film has a very deep and hidden meaning. The black screen in the first frame symbolizes darkness. The next frame is an antenna. This symbolizes a new era. The era of the conquered world. The world that controls by reptiles. The film's director knows this. The director is trying to convey to these two shots the hidden meaning of the existence of mankind on the planet. The third frame is the planet earth. It symbolizes the decline of mankind and a return to the Middle Ages. Then the hidden meaning grows in a geometric progression. I will not write much.

In general, the film looks like an art object. This is an arthouse of the level of David Lynch or Pompidou center.

Review by RainbiwDash42 from the Internet Movie Database.