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Black Spot, The

Black Spot, The (2018) Movie Poster
UK  •    •  77m  •  Directed by: Oliver Rogers.  •  Starring: Nua Watford, Ashley Robson, David Delmage, Craig Fox, Tony Stirton, Bella Rubio, Stephen James Barnes..
An agent in the International Off-world Trade Federation uncovers some dark secrets. He is forced to go on the run with a space veteran and psychic teenage girl as they get hunted by a mysterious assassin.


As a fan of Oliver's previous short films I was excited to dive into his first feature. I was pleased to see his visual focus come through stronger than ever. The film has a persistent style and aesthetic and despite being a first feature, feels very methodical. The film could have benefited from some better sound mixing here and there, some performances fall a little flat, but this does not detract from the experience too much. The film is engaging and pushes forward with an interesting story. I'm excited to see how Oliver will evolve as a director from here, and believe he is a name to keep an eye on. I think my favorite part about his style is his sensibilities with subtle humor. There is something about his writing style that is very unique to his work and I hope to see get expanded upon in future pictures.

Review by rockobadtaste from the Internet Movie Database.