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Phase Q

Phase Q (2019) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  Directed by: Kenichi Iwabuchi, Teli Share.  •  Starring: Mia Ella Mimica, Kenichi Iwabuchi, Birgit Ludemann, Donovan Sinclair Gavin.  •  Music by: Henry Hsueh.
    A depressed woman is prescribed the White Eyes, a pair of special contact lenses, for a cognitive behavioral therapy called Phase Q where a holographic AI is shown in a mixed reality to help her. As a result of using this treatment, she falls in love with the AI character from the program. When the truth strikes her that their love will never work, she commits suicide in her real life. However, everything was just a dark experiment by the world's elite minds who want to decide the fate of humanity with their hands.


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