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Fainaru Fantajî

Fainaru Fantajî (1994) Movie Poster
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Japan / South Korea  •    •  120m  •  .  •  Starring: Shigeru Chiba, John DeMita, Julia Fletcher, John Hostetter, Etsuko Kozakura, Sherry Lynn, Rica Matsumoto, Matt K. Miller, Yûko Minaguchi, K.T. Vogt, Wakana Yamazaki, Barbara Goodson, Michael Sorich..
    Based on the obscure ''Final Fantasy 5''. 150 years later, two decendants of the heroic Battsu must track down the crystals. Along their way, they meet monsters, phantoms and two airship captains, one a bumbling yet ambitious man and the other a sexy pirate leader.


Don't watch this expecting a strong, serious plot like many of the FF games, it's a very fun, action-packed mini-series with a sense of humor. I actually prefer this over the Alec Baldwin FF, even though this is clearly for younger audiences.

This one was much more like an actualy FF story. It had four very different lead characters (the cocky swordsman, the gruffy old soldier, the spunky tomboy and the innocent magic user), chocobos, air-ships, and crystals. The animation isn't the greatest in the world, but it's by no means not good. The action is very well done, but not overdone. The best part of the film is it's sense of humor, however. The film never takes itself too seriously. Some FF die-hards might think it's too light-hearted, but the best thing they can do is remember it's just a movie, and FF is just a video game.

To sum it up: What works: Good action, decent animation, a very FF story, and a sense of humor about itself. What doesn't: It's sometimes a little too light-hearted. Great scene: Trying to get a crystal to leave a girls body, a pirate forces the girl to drink lots and lots of prune juice. Rating: Unrated, but contains mild anime violence and some mild sexuality.

Review by Schermdog from the Internet Movie Database.