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Enjoy Your Trip to Hell

Enjoy Your Trip to Hell (2017) Movie Poster
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USA  •    •  76m  •  Directed by: Scout Tafoya.  •  Starring: Tori Davis, Julian Lazare, Nick Smerkanich, Scout Tafoya, Ashley Tryba.  •  Music by: Michelle Siracusa.
    Not long ago the people of an unnamed country were involved in a civil war. After the armistice, both sides noticed hundreds of bodies unaccounted for. Looking through their land, there was discovered a place where men would vanish from sight. Those who returned spoke of a zone governed by cruel logic. This place, dubbed The Ulterior, was closed off and a guard was placed at its entry. The curious have found their way to its borders believing it holds healing properties and that it can reunite the living and the dead.