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Black Flowers

Black Flowers (2018) Movie Poster
UK  •    •  108m  •    •  Directed by: Martin Gooch.  •  Starring: Krista DeMille, Andrea Sweeney-Blanco, Jesús Lloveras, William Mark McCullough, Ron Roggé, Christina DeRosa, Neil Dickson, Domenica Cameron-Scorsese, Lex Anastasia, Andrea R. Baker, Cory Birkenbuel, Ryder Kole Emerson, Nicholas Fabrio.  •  Music by: Brooke deRosa, Paige Lehnert.
     Welcome to the near future, where there's no gasoline or electricity, and where society has become barbaric. Surviving in this context are Kate, her husband Sam, and their daughter Suzi, who will be joined by the solitary Joe, in order to find a bunker that people say is full of food and medicine. They won't remain together for long, and Kate will have to do everything possible to be reunited with her family.


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This is a pretty run of the mill post apocalyptic movie, one that is actually better than many others, but that's not saying much considering how terrible the majority are.

The story is nonsense. An apocalyptic event happens and now it's a couple years later and a small family is struggling to survive while moving around, there is nothing remotely original about any of this. The father is a useless oaf who is already wounded when we're introduced to him, the daughter has no personality to speak of throughout the entire film, and the mother is one of the worst written, poorly acted, and most obnoxious characters I've seen in awhile. They meet a random "soldier" of some sort who is a complete piece of trash and they for some stupid reason take care of him and trust him in some hope of a bunker full of goods. That's from the movie synopsis mind you, the actual movie has nothing to do with it, you have no idea why they put up with this violent psychotic idiot.

The movie is filled with stupid decisions and absolutely horrible acting, the mother is the worst. She's the main focus of the movie but she is just plain unlikable and annoying and a terrible actress. The daughter and the "soldier" come in equally second as the worst and most annoying. They're all terrible. There is a little plot sequence involving a hippy commune that ties into the end of the film that isn't too terrible, but story and acting wise this movie sucked.

There was some competent broad shots and music scores here that were quite nice, it doesn't feel low budget for certain sequences, but this is not a good movie. Also much of the dialogue is clearly dubbed over the film because they were too cheap or incompetent and had to do it in post production. I wouldn't recommend spending money to watch this film and the woman who plays the mother is a horrible actress regardless of how poor the script was and would have been better without her.

Review by terrencepatrix from the Internet Movie Database.