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Raking, The

Raking, The (2017) Movie Poster
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USA  •    •  97m  •    •  Directed by: Bryan Brewer.  •  Starring: Bryan Brewer, Cree Kelly, Allie Rivera, Thatcher Robinson, Marshal Hilton, Marisa Davila, Alan Maxson, Nick Gomez, Peyton McDavitt, Chandler Rylko, Brock Brenner, Dane Johnson, Paul Lauden..
      As part of a Cultural Anthropology Project, several college students embark on a weekend camping trip to research an urban-legend, The Rake. The Rake is a terrifying monster, in humanoid form with long claws. The creature feeds only on the Equinox, which also happens to be the same time the college students take their camping trip. As the college students explore deeper and deeper into the desert to chase down the myth, and disprove of it's existence, they find themselves no longer the hunters of mystery, but the prey of The Rake itself. Now they find themselves fighting for their very lives.


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Image from: Raking, The (2017)
Image from: Raking, The (2017)
Image from: Raking, The (2017)
Image from: Raking, The (2017)
Image from: Raking, The (2017)
Image from: Raking, The (2017)
Didn't know what to expect from this horror so plugging it in it immediately got my attention because it started off rather good, it had it all. Next scene also looked promising, you know the sexy student and the weird goth girl, yes this is going to rock. But was I wrong. Once after those two scene's this flick has nothing to offer.

Yes, it do involves a creature but it's more about those bunch of students going to Joshua Tree for a night camping and telling each other boring stories. It's full of clichés but nothing works. No suspense, no horror (except opening sequence) no nothing at all. The main problem with this flick is every time they say something there's a break of 2 seconds before someone reacts. Even with bodies being attacked, reaction is always too late, bad editing I guess.

I watched it throughout the end just to see if it do becomes a horror, sadly it was a horror to watch.

Review by trashgang from the Internet Movie Database.


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