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B.C. (2013) Movie Poster
  •  USA  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: Ben Trimp.  •  Starring: Mark Banning, Patrick Bradford, Lily Chun, Liam Dolan, Grant Holcomb, Ken Johnson, Steven Moore.  •  Music by: Flint Wampa.
    In the small town of Salida, Colorado, on a nice, sunny afternoon, a 4000 year old Wooly Mammoth is thawed from it's icy coma in the Museum of Natural History, and escapes into the grass-filled fields of a small, near-by ranch, and wrecks havoc on the neighbors. Unaware of the situation, the ranch's owner, Nat Darvis, encounters the mammoth later that night, and keeps it as his own little secret. As the mammoth begins killing off the Nat's cattle, and the locals of the town, Nat tells the happenings to his helper on the ranch, Brady Nordon, who doesn't believe it at first. Meanwhile, the Museum's janitor and desk clerk is sent to track down the mammoth and destroy it. Requesting help from Nat and Brady, the three set off to hunt down the prehistoric creature before it finds it's way into town.


Compared with other Syfy channel movies, this movie, "B.C." is not bad, along with "Beyond Loch Ness (2008)" and "Rage of the Yeti (2011)" but, this movie still has some issues. So, let's talk about another Syfy film full of unfroze mammoths, explosions, machine guns, and intense chase scenes. The problems with this movie are the connections between the characters is weak. They are just three guys chasing a huge prehistoric elephant around trying to kill it. However, the entertainment value in this movie is much better than the others. The special effects are quite realistic, and easy to understand. The storyline is better than some other Syfy channel movies, but it's still a little weak. The acting was OK, but not super good at least you could tell they were acting. There is a film similar to this one, which is "Mammoth (2006)" but I won't even go there. I have heard rumors that this movie doesn't exist, but for those who don't and read this, It does exist, I've seen it. So, to wrap things up, let's say this movie is just another Syfy flick.

Review by horrormoviereviews-15751 from the Internet Movie Database.