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Yod Manut Computer

Yod Manut Computer (1977) Movie Poster
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Thailand  •    •  104m  •  Directed by: Sompote Sands.  •  Starring: Duangcheewan Komolsen, Lor Tok..
    Four boys are born with strange features, one has very big ears, one has a tail, one has very big hands, one has big nose sinus. Becoming friends, they spend most of their time playing and sleeping. Becoming adults, their fathers banish them from the village as they are doing nothing to help the community. Just as they leave, a local mafia gang threatens the villagers to get help to cultivate opium and to provide food for their members. Meanwhile one lady wants to marry one of the boys but wishes that he can remove his tail. He refuses. At night time, while he is sleeping, she cuts his tail. He flees away but looses a lot of blood. A crazy scientific professor finds and decides to save him by using technology. He becomes the Thai Six Million Dollar Man! He then gathers his three other friends to free the villagers from the mafia gang.