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Replicant Terminus

Replicant Terminus (2018) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  Directed by: Gregory A.N. Coots.  •  Starring: Allie Escaffi, Tom Thumb, Amanda Kallander, Marla Kalin, Steve Sladaritz, Aga Kistler, Lyle DeRose, Lela Remley, John Dembiczak, Gregory A.N. Coots, Andrew Leung, Lindsey Hubbell, Mike Wallace.  •  Music by: Kamen Ross.
    It is now 2050-Your world, on earth/Terra. The year is 2050, The 4th world war ended 20 years ago, 2030, and humanity is now under the control of the 'mind of terra' one world government order. The MOT is responsible for ''maintaining humanity'' and protecting terra from off world, OW, influences, MOT is a government of council seats/chairs from all over the planet to maintain 'order, law, justice, humanity, science and clarity.' They move with impurity, swiftness and secrecy. Despite their '' control and order'' the rebellions wage and terra is breached regularly keeping the blade runners, office of replicants, safety , ORS, very active and busy.


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