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The Last Witch

Last Witch, The (2017) Movie Poster
Australia  •    •  Directed by: Jeremy Hill.  •  Starring: Jeremy Hill, Monica Niven, Salvatore Merenda, Tracey Lee Maxwell, Anthony Thomas, Miyuki Lotz, Vincent B. Gorce, Sasha Dulics, Christopher Erasmus, Bronte Price..
    Jerusha Kali, on the eve of University graduation and her 21st birthday - has her genetic mutation kick in; this enables her to emit an abnormal electromagnetic field; stemming from her pineal gland, which is extremely powerful. She is able to manipulate space and time, and travel inter-dimensionally. She is the last surviving Witch. All of her ancestors have been successfully eradicated by an elite Secret Society which controls much of the various institutions of the world. This Secret Society is evil, ancient and has technological innovation on their side. She incorporates Allies of various relict secret societies; mostly of Nordic and Indigenous origins and inevitably has to do battle with the formidable foes before the eve of her 21st Birthday - which is the Full Moon - where her powers will fully culminate. It is prophesized that she is the one to lead the global revolution to return planet earth to homeostasis.


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