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The Phantom Empire

Phantom Empire, The (1988) Movie Poster
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  •  USA  •    •  83m  •    •  Directed by: Fred Olen Ray.  •  Starring: Ross Hagen, Jeffrey Combs, Dawn Wildsmith, Robert Quarry, Suzy Stokey, Russ Tamblyn, Sybil Danning, Michelle Bauer, Michael Sonye, Victoria Alexander, Duffy, Tony Lorea, Robby the Robot.  •  Music by: Robert Garrett.
       When a man-eating cave creature appears with a fortune in uncut diamonds around his neck, Dr. Chambers' daughter Denae hires adventurers C & C Salvage to find the underground source of the gems. Accompanied by archeaological intern Andrew Paris, mineralogist Prof. Strock, and C&C's scruffy owners Cort Eastman and Eddy Colchilde, Denea's hopes of emerging from her famous father's shadow become as remote as getting out of the caves alive!


Image from: Phantom Empire, The (1988)
Image from: Phantom Empire, The (1988)
Image from: Phantom Empire, The (1988)
Image from: Phantom Empire, The (1988)
Scientists discover an underground lost world populated by cavemen and dinosaurs. There's a novelty. There must be more 'lost worlds' on this planet than there are 'found worlds'.

I only saw this film to see the dinosaur footage blatantly lifted from a never-seen dinosaur movie called 'Planet of the Dinosaurs', but a few minutes of a Tyrannosaur fighting the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms don't justify a film. 'Phantom Empire' might provide short-term entertainment to some, but it's just a waste of time, an insult to superior films of this genre. Most of the effects (aside from the footage) are dreadful, the only halfway decent one being Robbie the Robot from 'Forbidden Planet' with a different head. The characters are sci-fi cliches and are mostly obnoxious, the 'Alien Queen' and her scantily-clad minions are the nadir of low-budget exploitation twaddle.

If you're some sexually-frustrated individual then I'm sure this will seem like pennies from heaven. Personally I'm thinking of writing to the producers demanding compensation for the hour-and-a-half of my life I wasted watching this cobblers.

Review by G.Spider from the Internet Movie Database.