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Young-guwa Hwanggeum Bakjwi

Young-guwa Hwanggeum Bakjwi (1992) Movie Poster
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South Korea  •    •    •  Directed by: Ki-nam Nam.  •  Starring: Hyeon-du Lee, Geon-sun Seo, Hyung-rae Shim.  •  Music by: Jong-shik Lee.
     Aliens from Andromeda and the wicked mad scientist, Dr. Zero, come to Korea and take the locals of Korea, so they could be used in experiments. Yong Gu, an ordinary man, discovers he has superpowers and uses these super-powers to be "Golden Bat", the legendary crime-fighter and savior to the human race. Golden Bat, his girlfriend, a scientist and his son must all together save Korea and the locals from Dr. Zero, the Andromedans and other evil forces from beyond.