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Baby Frankenstein

Baby Frankenstein (2018) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  83m  •    •  Directed by: Jon YonKondy.  •  Starring: Andre Gower, Bill Rutkowski, Patrick McCartney, Rance Nix, Ian Barling, Mason Carver, Denise Pantoja, Eileen Rosen, Yannis Stergiopoulos, Mike Rutkoski, John Rutkoski, T.J. Rotell, Cora Savage..
     The story of young Lance and his unlikely friendship with a pint-sized, self-aware automaton. After Lance stumbles upon this 'little dude', he enlists the help of Truth, the sassy girl-next-door, to protect him from his mom's batty boyfriend, Ken Glinevich. Glinevich is hell-bent on capturing Baby Frankenstein and claiming the $50,000 reward being offered by the mysterious actual owner of Baby Frankenstein, Dauvin Lundquist. Lance finds an unlikely ally in his awkward neighbor, John, who appears to be romantically interested in Lance's mother, Kim. As the potential captors close in on Lance, Truth, and Baby Frankenstein, Lance must decide what he will risk to preserve Baby Frankenstein's freedom.


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The film takes place in Wilkes-Barre as a family moves into a duplex and immediately doesn't get along with the neighbor. By nine minutes into the film, we discover that during the age of Clemente the Lundquist company lost a "prototype." This was discovered and "activated" in the attic of the new home which was locked. (Who buys a house without looking in all the rooms first?) Lundquist gets a signal the prototype is activated using 1960's technology?

The "baby" is actually more like a toddler. Rance Nix must be really hungry to degrade himself to this level. A teen couple tries to help the creature avoid capture during the Halloween season, shades of ET. The film is akin to a PG-13 comedy for preteens.

Review by nogodnomasters from the Internet Movie Database.