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A Flying Jatt

Flying Jatt, A (2016) Movie Poster
India  •    •  151m  •    •  Directed by: Remo.  •  Starring: Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nathan Jones, Kay Kay Menon, Mukesh Hariawala, Amrita Singh, Gaurav Pandey, Shraddha Kapoor, Amrita Puri, Pawan Jam.  •  Music by: Sachin Sanghvi, Jigar Saraiya.
    Malhotra wants to acquire a land of Sikh colony for his factory which is owned by Mrs Dhillon known as Bebe however Bebe is in no mood to sell the land to him it also has a tree which is considered holy by the everyone.Malhotra threatens Bebe 's son Aman that her life would be in danger if she doesn't sell the land to him,Malhotra sends Raka to cut the tree.On a stormy night Aman sits near the holy tree praying for his mother he notices that Raka is cutting the tree a fight occurs between them after being beaten by Raka,Aman gets holy powers from the tree and fights back soon Aman turns a superhero known as Flying Jat who helps people in need whereas Raka turns into a toxic Monster who wants to pollute the environment.


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Image from: Flying Jatt, A (2016)
Image from: Flying Jatt, A (2016)
Image from: Flying Jatt, A (2016)
Image from: Flying Jatt, A (2016)
Image from: Flying Jatt, A (2016)
Image from: Flying Jatt, A (2016)
Image from: Flying Jatt, A (2016)
Image from: Flying Jatt, A (2016)
Image from: Flying Jatt, A (2016)
Image from: Flying Jatt, A (2016)
Image from: Flying Jatt, A (2016)
Image from: Flying Jatt, A (2016)
So, straight away, the best thing about A Flying Jatt is the fumbling Jatt played by Tiger Shroff. Wicked industrialist Malhotra (Kay Kay) wants Aman's family's lands, which hold a sacred tree, for his polluting industries. Aman's mother, Mrs. Dhillon (Amrita), ferociously opposes Malhotra - but Aman quakes before him, intimidated by most things on earth, including his own martial arts students. Can Aman ever stand up to Malhotra and his huge henchman Raka (Nathan) - and can he fight his own fears?

Tiger does a neat job as Aman, shivering superhero who fights crime but also buys 'do kilo lauki' on the way home. Tiger's evolution, from a kind but confused kid on the block, to a focused and fierce fighter, comes across well as do the film's light moments, including Aman as 'Sunny Leone'. Amrita Singh, literally playing a Tiger Mom, displays feisty panache, berating her son for having 'dole-shole, no jigra', delivering wisdom with slaps and guzzling drinks galore. The banter between her, Tiger and Aman's fun-loving brother Rohit (Gaurav) is fresh good fun.

Sadly, as Aman's love interest Kriti, Jacqueline adds little zing to this party - her role consists of grinning incessantly and delivering mystifying dialogues ("I like karate - it's like, so, hah!") in an accent that reminds you - with longing - of Katrina Kaif. Kay Kay is much too leashed - despite his ability, Malhotra's malevolence simply doesn't ooze through. As Raka, who literally enjoys toxic power, Nathan Jones growls, grunts and grins in a manic sort of way. These don't make him scary - just cartoonish.

And there lies the trouble with A Flying Jatt - the full, stark shebang of a superhero versus super-dark powers never comes through. The villains remain cardboard cut-outs and the clash grows predictable. These thrills don't chill. On the upside, for children, A Flying Jatt provides clean entertainment - with its innocence, it evokes more Haathi Mere Saathi and less cool-cat Krrish. The film takes off only because of its simplicity - a flying jatt who's afraid of heights, a rarity in dark times of Udta Punjabs.

Review by chiragsharma-14930 from the Internet Movie Database.


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