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Psychonaut (2017) Movie Poster
Canada  •    •  65m  •    •  Directed by: Marc Nyiti.  •  Starring: Al Dales, Michael Nelson, Michael Kosterman, Ambrose Gardener, Jack Christofferson, Sue Sparlin, Leo Williams, Raresh DiMofte, Jeremy Leroux, Marc Nyiti, Allan Rodger, Emily Hayes, Ingrid Cheung.  •  Music by: Marc Nyiti.
    Psychonaut is a retro futuristic Sci-Fi about mind travel. It follows one man's quest to discover the inner workings of the universe and find family history that had always been hidden up until now. Through a series of events and encounters with special people, Cinga finds himself stuck with a serious decision to make... Family or the world?!


Image from: Psychonaut (2017)
Image from: Psychonaut (2017)
I want to see a sequel. The General character was wicked and he had a Brutus attitude. I was a bit disappointed when he disappeared with not much of an explanation.

Review by petraredds from the Internet Movie Database.