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Welcome to Essex

Welcome to Essex (2018) Movie Poster
UK  •    •  116m  •    •  Directed by: Ryan J. Fleming.  •  Starring: Catherine Delaloye, Greg Burridge, Muzzy Tahir, Sarah-Grace Neal, Sophie Jones, Michele Reynolds, Jonathan Walker, Robert Evans, Terry Noble, Julian Seager, Tasha Smith, Nathan Mallen, Heidi Katrina Alavi.  •  Music by: Matt Early.
    Overnight, the United Kingdom was consumed by an epidemic of terrifying proportions. The majority of the population were killed in a matter of hours as millions of recently-dead people returned to life and began to attack and kill the living. The disaster spread so rapidly that the government had no time to control the situation. The order to evacuate England was given. But it was too late. Now, the following day, a small group of mismatched survivors find themselves trapped in the famous town of Brentwood, hunted by large hordes of fast-moving corpses. They must learn to work together and reach the last-known point of rescue, Southend-on-Sea, or face certain death. Or worse.


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Image from: Welcome to Essex (2018)
Image from: Welcome to Essex (2018)
In all honesty I haven't seen anything this bad since eating a dodgy kebab in Romford!

Review by tvemporium from the Internet Movie Database.