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Entropy (2017) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  98m  •    •  Directed by: Gabriel Anderson.  •  Starring: Nicole Harbeck, Anny Rosario, Anthony George, Kyle Williams, Fred Andrews, Linda Beenau, Ryan Saxon.  •  Music by: Jennifer Anderson.
    A brilliant, but hermetic and hard-living woman discovers an anomalous cosmic force that projects the end of the universe to be a mere two weeks away. The terminal diagnosis for all existence compels her to confront her own fear and isolation, and leads her to pursue another woman who may offer the promise of salvation.


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Image from: Entropy (2017)
Image from: Entropy (2017)
Image from: Entropy (2017)
Image from: Entropy (2017)
I literally want to blow my head off for wasting my time on this. What a torture.

A pretentious chauvinistic drivel with no ambition at all beyond pushing shallow social agenda. Hope this doesn't mean a return of 70s period of bad movies when you had westerns with mind expanding drugsBuddhism talk just to fit the narrative of the time.

Consisting 97% of Nicole Harbeck's drawn out macho closeups, with car-alarm soundtrack and some sad pseudoscience sprinkled in, this can't be labeled a Sci-Fi in any imaginable way. At best it is an amateur project of several sexually like-minded friends, aiming to spice up their Facebook and Tinder profiles.

If not a friend of production crew, avoid, otherwise good luck.

Review by drgrozozo from the Internet Movie Database.