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Into the Forest

Into the Forest (2015) Movie Poster
  •  Canada  •    •  101m  •    •  Directed by: Patricia Rozema.  •  Starring: Ellen Page, Evan Rachel Wood, Max Minghella, Callum Keith Rennie, Michael Eklund, Wendy Crewson, Ronin Cara, Owen Cara, Crystal Pite, Lorne Cardinal, Katherine Cowie, Sandy Sidhu, Bethany Brown.  •  Music by: Max Richter.
        In the near future, a massive blackout sends humanity hurtling towards its end. In this scenario we find Nell and Eva, two sisters who live with their father in a house forty kilometers from the closest town. Hard-pressed by their difficulties to survive, the two girls will have to figure out how to fight against starvation, possible diseases, looters and their own loneliness. Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood offer two highly nuanced performances in this passionate apocalyptic thriller.


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Image from: Into the Forest (2015)
Image from: Into the Forest (2015)
Image from: Into the Forest (2015)
Image from: Into the Forest (2015)
Image from: Into the Forest (2015)
Image from: Into the Forest (2015)
Image from: Into the Forest (2015)
Horrible! It's like a high school student wrote it and the decisions these girls make are completely absurd. They have shelter, they decide to waste the remaining gasoline to burn it down because there might be mold in the house. You think there isn't mold in the rain forest you are sleeping, or in the tree stump where she has the baby. It's freezing pouring rain, and that is supposed to be better for the baby than shelter from the rain. Morons! They decide they rather sleep outside in the grass. Even aboriginals slept in tents and igloos to shelter them from the weather, not the grass.

The person who wrote this had no logic. Even hunting and gathering societies slept inside tents. They burned down the only shelter they had.

In addition, whoever wrote this, does not know that babies don't just come out of the mother CORDLESS. After she gave birth, how did the sister cut the umbilical cord? The person who wrote this does not know basic biology!

Also, whoever wrote this, does not know basic physics. There isn't one way to produce electricity. You can produce electricity from water, heat, solar and wind, even a potato can produce electricity!

Before the advent of power lines, which could transport power much more quickly and across a larger distance, we used power canals. 'A Power Canal refers to a canal used for hydraulic power generation, rather than for transport of watercraft. The power canal was a major factor in the Industrial revolution in New England in the 19th century. Most early power canals were mill races used mechanically to transfer power directly from falling water to machinery in mill buildings. Later, the hydraulic power generated electricity locally for the same mill factories. Later, the hydraulic power generated electricity locally for the same mill factories. These power canals were often filled in as electricity (transported by power lines) replaced the need for local water power, and road transport needs or city expansion needs reclaimed the land. Some hydraulic power canals were transformed into local electric generators, but most were closed. Remains of power canals can be seen in old mill towns and are often protected as historical structures today'

Another reviewer made this movie sound like an animal slasher movie, which it is NOT. There is one hog that gets killed in the entire movie, but the death is quick and much less painful than in factory farms. She shoots it twice to make sure it is a fast death, so its not cruel. In a real slaughter house, they butcher the hog with an axe. I don't believe in animal cruelty, but this was not a cruel death. I have heard of much worse deaths in today's American slaughter houses (e.g., hogs being tortured and electrocuted right up until their slaughtered; they don't waste bullets on them like they did in the movie). I like bacon, ham and sausage, so I had no issue with it. Yes, you see the guts and insides of the pig, but you do that in grade 12 biology as well. The pig is dead, it is not suffering. You also do that at a pig roast too where 100+ people come out to eat pieces of the pig roasting on the fire. That part of the movie made me hungry! (It's not a dog, deer or rabbit.) Hogs are part of our food chain. In my opinion, it is the best tasting meat out there!

Review by justchillz from the Internet Movie Database.



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