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Terug Naar Morgen

Terug Naar Morgen (2015) Movie Poster
Belgium  •    •  86m  •    •  Directed by: Lukas Bossuyt.  •  Starring: Leo Achten, Charlotte Anne Bongaerts, Koen De Graeve, Bart Hollanders, Emma Kristin, Robbe Nevens, Matteo Simoni, Karina Smulders, Polleke van der Sman, Thomas Van Hulle, Xandra Van Welden, Robrecht Vanden Thoren.  •  Music by: Jorrit Kleijnen, Alexander Reumers.
      The brilliant professor Viktor discovers a way to manipulate time. He uses his invention to go back into the past and help his girlfriend Lena but finds that chancging small things can have big consequences.


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Image from: Terug Naar Morgen (2015)
Image from: Terug Naar Morgen (2015)
Image from: Terug Naar Morgen (2015)
Image from: Terug Naar Morgen (2015)
In Belgium, a famous physics professor and his brilliant assistant have discovered the Holy Grail of science : a way of communicating with the past, which, by definition, means a way of altering the past. At first, both men proceed with caution, fearful of setting off God knows what chain reaction. After a while they grow more ambitious, thinking of accidents or injustices they would like to see repaired. They are deeply, painfully clueless...

An interesting science fiction movie with a clever and twisty plot. As the story unfolds, characters live, die, reappear or morph into someone (slightly) different, resulting in a ballet of permutations and iterations. The bottom line is somewhat similar to the one found in Stephen King's novel about the assassination of president Kennedy, to wit that reality has a nastily ferocious set of teeth and does not, repeat not, like being tampered with.

A minor criticism : the difference in time period should have been accompanied by clear changes in clothes, hair styles, speech patterns, interior design and so on. In the movie, the past, present and future look pretty much the same, including ephemera such as hairstyles. While we're at it, more care should have been paid to the make-up suggesting either youth or middle age.

Both Belgians and non-Belgians will be sure to appreciate the beautiful Louvain setting. Aaah, the fabled university of Louvain, where scores of bright young people prepare themselves for the rigors and challenges of adult life, such as heavy drinking, quarreling with your landlord and sleeping with your best friend's partner...

Review by myriamlenys from the Internet Movie Database.