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Intersect (2015) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  119m  •    •  Directed by: Gus Holwerda.  •  Starring: James Morrison, Jason Spisak, Garrett Boyd, Joe DiGiovanni, Jose Rosete, Michaela Dean, Lawrence Krauss, Kate Kugler, Leeann Dearing, Abe Ruthless, Jacob Lacy, Debby Rosenthal, Dartagnan Driscoll..
No synopsis is available for this movie.


Firstly the bad :-( The overdubbing in this sometimes detracts from the movie. It's something I struggle with personally with anything but as soon as I see it I can't I see it and then I fixate on it. The sound effects at times don't feel genuine. Some of the acting at points feels over acted. The story takes a bit of commitment before it gets going and then the pace of the movie settles but never really accelerated at any point.

The good :-) The score is amazing! The story builds nicely, it lets you get comfortable with the characters and then explores their relationships properly and as the film unfolds you learn more about what's going on. Some of the acting is amazing and well thought through. The young cast are awesome and the most enjoyable element of the film, these young actors set the tone very well with genuine performances that make the later scenes and earlier scenes with the adults more poignant.

Overall the story is there and there are lots of clues and Easter eggs laced through the film to help you if you are paying attention. Yes it is no Holllywood blockbuster and there are some issues but I have seen worse higher budget mainstream movies that I didn't enjoy as much. Intersect does well with what it has and it would be interesting to see what the Holwerda's could do with a bit more cash!

Overall give it a watch and maybe another watch so you can see all the small bits that the story has to offer the views along the way.

Review by jonnersu from the Internet Movie Database.