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They Call Me Superseven

They Call Me Superseven (2015) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  85m  •    •  Directed by: Scott Rhodes, Jerry Kokich.  •  Starring: Anna Bazarkina, Kurt Carley, Olivia Dunkley, Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, Minda Grace Ware, Peter Greathouse, Sean Kloc, Jerry Kokich, Anne Leighton, Shaun W. Loeser, Andrew Palmer, Rosanna Rizzuto, Ashlee Souza.  •  Music by: Jamie Coghill, Magnus Sellergren, The Norliss Tapes.
The evil T.H.E.Y. organization is out to stop ex T.H.E.M. agent, Sandra West. Can Superseven thwart Their, (T.H.E.Y.'s) master plan?


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Image from: They Call Me Superseven (2015)
Image from: They Call Me Superseven (2015)
Image from: They Call Me Superseven (2015)
This funny, action packed, low budget cheese fest is clearly a homage and love letter to the spy shows and movies of the 1960's. The film is influenced and pays homage to such things as James Bond, Matt Helm, Flint, Eurospy movies, "Get Smart", "The Avengers", "Man From UNCLE", "Mission: Impossible", masked wrestling movies, the Kaiju genre and much more. A 60's spy-geek junkie's dream series. Stunts, fights, action, sexy women, gadgets and a hefty body count for a comedy! The entire cast is wonderful, especially Jerry Kokich as Superseven, Olivia Dunkley as Sandra West (Politically incorrect and doing all those things you wish Emma Peel would do, if she weren't so British and nice!) and Anne Leighton as the ditsy mechanical genius, Seriously, with soooo much garbage on TV, this really needs to be a TV series and soon!

Review by josephyoungiv from the Internet Movie Database.


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