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Waves (2015) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  78m  •    •  Directed by: Tomas Galang, Domonic Smith.  •  Starring: Steve Heinz, Josh Gunderson, Jesse Yarborough, Joanne Marinho, Linda Roser, Tom Latimer, Alinda Harr, Stephanie Ceballos, Tracy Roese, Ellease Aponte, Shawn M. Valentine, Morgan Middlebrook, Veronica Hilburn..
A split feature film that follows the story of two separate individuals whose lives are turned upside down by an ominous sound from the sky.


Annie Burch (Steffie Neubauer) is the program director and screener for "Under the Stars" radio talk show out of Gulf Breeze, Florida. Sol Worthington (Bob Glazier ) is the host of the program that generally deals with aliens. Annie provides a skeptical view point. Annie has been losing time. There is a meteor shower and a strange hollow mechanical noise being heard at certain locations in the world. A frantic caller gives us an answer to what is happening that doesn't include diabetes or tinnitus.

The movie had an interesting premise and presentation. The characters didn't appeal to me. We really didn't know much about Annie. A subplot from the Arch Corporation would have been interesting with some decent special effects. The dialogue needed to go up to a higher level.

Review by nogodnomasters from the Internet Movie Database.