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Brown Girl Begins

Brown Girl Begins (2017) Movie Poster
Canada  •    •  70m  •    •  Directed by: Sharon Lewis.  •  Starring: Mouna Traoré, Nigel Shawn Williams, Shakura S'Aida, Emmanuel Kabongo, Allison Augustin, Danielle Ayow, Measha Brueggergosman, Hannah Chantée, Alli Chung, Rachael Crawford, Joey DeCarle, Sonia Dhillon Tully, Leon Elkaim.  •  Music by: Aaron Ferrera.
    A post-apocalyptic tale about a young black woman who is trapped in a world forced upon her. Ti-Jeanne, a reluctant priestess, must resurrect Caribbean spirits and survive the possession ritual that killed her mother or her people will die. The fantasy elements of Brown Girl Begins have their basis in Caribbean folklore, inspired by Nalo Hopkinson's award winning novel, Brown Girl in the Ring. It's 2049 and Toronto the Good has been taken over by the wealthy, who have built a wall around the city and expelled the poor to an island off the coast, known as The Burn. The segregated Burn dwellers have been forced to scrape out a living by bartering, recycling, and farming. Mami is the unspoken leader of the Burn, sharing her Caribbean herb lore and leading her followers in an ancient spiritual practice. Ti-Jeanne turns 19 and the time has come for her to succeed her grandmother and become a Priestess. When Mami tries to prepare her to take part in the same possession ceremony that killed ...


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Image from: Brown Girl Begins (2017)
Image from: Brown Girl Begins (2017)
Image from: Brown Girl Begins (2017)
Image from: Brown Girl Begins (2017)
Image from: Brown Girl Begins (2017)
Created as a prequel to Brown Girl in the Ring, 1998, Nalo Hopkinson, a Canadian Jamaican Sci Fi Novel, first time that it has been done.

Written and Directed by Sharon Lewis, a big fan of the novel, she wanted to create the prequel based off the novel, taking place in 2049. Her first Sci Film as well.

Mashup of the novel's futuristic Canadian Toronto community along with Jamaican element and its spiritual tales, with an International Opera Star, Measha Brueggergossman, it tells a coming of age story for it lead as has to face a key challenge in her life and overcome her own fears.

The story does get intense and somewhat hard to follow at times. The budget for it was fairly low and that can be telling at times. I was impressed by Nigel Shawn Williams in that he played three different roles and the persona was quite different for each character.

If I had time I would watch it again. I don't regret the time I took watching it.

Review by jrneptune from the Internet Movie Database.


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