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Black Petunia

Black Petunia (2016) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  85m  •    •  Directed by: Spencer King.  •  Starring: Corey Lee-Martin, Breonna Phillips, Erica Shantel Carter, Brian Newman, James Xavier Slade, Ricky Lanae McCallister, Lindsay Cashews, Spencer King, Regie Cashaw, Dominique Alexander, Martez Claybren, Julién Godman, Alissa Green.  •  Music by: Josh Cowdrey.
    James is a young inner-city black male in a semi-dystopian world. A world that challenges our contemporary culture and social threads, confusing all racial boundaries. In an ominous Detroit, unsuspecting citizens are being poisoned through the municipal water, causing them to forget who they are. James is persuaded to stop drinking the water when he's introduced to an underground conspiracy. With the help of his friends, he pieces his life back together in attempts to cultivate a plan that could reshape the future of Detroit.


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