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Icarus (2017) Movie Poster
Spain  •    •  90m  •  Directed by: Alex Sequera.  •  Starring: Pere Roig Brualla, Alex García, Toni Meler, Jano Sanvicente, Fran Vander, Toni Lozano, Sergi Rodríguez, Cristina Ferré, Esteve Raventós, Pablo Almenara, David Magaña, Alex Sequera, Txema Lorente.  •  Music by: Anna Masdéu.
    Her medical options exhausted, an American woman travels to the Amazon in search of a miracle. Thanks to a young ayahuasca shaman who is losing his eyesight, she learns instead to confront her 'susto': the disease of fear.


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