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The Benders

Benders, The (2014) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  95m  •    •  Directed by: Brett William Mauser.  •  Starring: Kevinah Botello, Patrice Broderick, Sergio Cantu, Autumn Caro, Aileen Corpos, Kelly Coughlin, Marc Daratt, Olgu Durmus, Madison Everette, June Griffin Garcia, Jane Dare Haas, Jeremy Hayden, Matthew Jasso..
    Simone is pulled from her own reality into another where she learns that she has been living in a computer simulation her whole life. Aided by new friends and pursued by technical support personnel, she begins to ask what makes a person real.


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"The Benders" centers around a normal woman who suddenly gets drawn out of her everyday's life and confronted with the possibility that all she considers true could really be just a simulation. It ranges somewhere between Sci-Fi and dystopia.

While the topic itself is of course not revolutionary and the idea that our world could in fact be nothing more than a thoughtfully programmed script has already been basis for quite a range of films, I really enjoyed that the film carefully tries to provide an explanation for the events happening that actually adds up in a way and thus pushes it above many cheap Sci-Fi film that try to make quick money out of such an idea. I could well see this movie being adapted with a higher budget and I'm quite convinced that it would make for a decent blockbuster. In fact the biggest issue with "The Benders" is, that you can easily tell the budget wasn't that high. Especially when it comes to special effects, what we see can't really keep up with the film's general focus on advanced electronics and at times seems even a bit unwillingly funny. While all in all I enjoyed the script very much, I would have let out the fighting scenes. None of the actors are actual fighters as it seems and lacking the money to hide that, the fights underlined with the most epic soundtrack are more an element of confusion.

Nonetheless these few critical points shouldn't distract from my opinion that this is a film more Sci-Fi Fans should give a try. It is easily better than a lot of lower budget movies I know and probably even better than some of the bigger ones.

Review by blumdeluxe from the Internet Movie Database.