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Időugrók 3 - Lidércháborús Múlt

Időugrók 3 - Lidércháborús Múlt (2013) Movie Poster
Hungary  •    •  91m  •    •  Directed by: Esses Tamás.  •  Starring: Esses Tamás, Németh Tünde, Tokodi Sandor, Véber Zoltán, Bolla Attila, Harczi Bence, Szabó Antal, Bencsik Zoltán, Esses Judit, Kovács Kornél, Óbis József, Hajgató Lázár, István Podmaniczky..
After Zoli and Tamas was defeated by Xamon, the leader of the wraiths, they have to hide. Tamás goes back to his wife Tündi, to start a new life, while Zoli tries to save Kate the other last timeshifter. Meanwhile, Attila and Bence got the order to hunt down the timeshifters. Xamon summons all his wraiths from 2022 to 2011 to conquer the world, and the only weapon that can defeat him is hidden in the Past...


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