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Időugrók 2 - Alternatív Jelen

Időugrók 2 - Alternatív Jelen (2012) Movie Poster
Hungary  •    •  62m  •    •  Directed by: Esses Tamás.  •  Starring: Esses Tamás, Véber Zoltán, Tokodi Sandor, Bolla Attila, Harczi Bence, Szabó Antal, Bencsik Zoltán, Esses Judit, Hajgató Lázár, Harczi Ákos, Németh Tünde, Németh Roland.  •  Music by: Makula Mihály.
After the first episode, our main hero, Tamás is merged with the 3 time shifter rings and now shifts between present (2011) and the future (2022), until he is trapped in an alternate present. Here he get to know two new time shifters, Kate, who can stop time, and Zeon who summons dinosaurs to destroy the present. Meanwhile in the dark future, Zoli and Vladimir has to unite again, to stop the wraiths, with the help of Wladis, who created both the rings and the wraiths.


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