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Időugrók 4: A Végzet Lángjai

Időugrók 4: A Végzet Lángjai (2014) Movie Poster
Hungary  •    •  120m  •    •  Directed by: Esses Tamás.  •  Starring: Esses Tamás, Véber Zoltán, Tokodi Sandor, Németh Tünde, Bolla Attila, Bencsik Zoltán, Harczi Bence, Szabó Antal, Kovács Kornél, Esses Judit, Schneider Anita, Harczi Ákos, István Podmaniczky..
After the timeshifters defeated the wraiths and Xamon, a new enemy approaches, from an other dimension: Firedemons. These savage brutes cannot be killed, only by an other firedemon. So our heroes from the world of Timeshifters have to make a stand with the friendly demons from the world of Demons and the world of Sinners to stop the firedemon invasion.


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