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The Late Night Double Feature

Late Night Double Feature, The (2014) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: Christopher R. Mihm.  •  Starring: Michael Cook, Shane Donahue, Cherie Gallinati, Mark Haider, Catherine Hansen, Elizabeth Kaiser, Michael G. Kaiser, Alice Mihm, David Mihm, Daniel Mihm, Elliott Mihm, Stephanie Mihm, James Norgard..
    On a decades-long mission to Alpha Centauri, the crew of the Endeavor find a dead alien on the surface of a rogue planet. Once aboard, they find that it is not dead... After the death of his wife, Barney Collins finds solace in his new role as a single dad. However, when his son disappears from his bed, Barney loses his grip on reality and becomes a shut in. Eight years later, he resurfaces with a wild theory: his son has been taken by an otherworldly entity that steals sleeping children through inter-dimensional portals in their bedroom walls!


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