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Rakuen Tsuihō - Expelled From Paradise

Rakuen Tsuihō - Expelled From Paradise (2014) Movie Poster
  •  Japan  •    •  104m  •    •  Directed by: Seiji Mizushima.  •  Starring: Rie Kugimiya, Wendee Lee, Steve Blum, Shin'ichirô Miki, Johnny Yong Bosch, Hiroshi Kamiya, Megumi Hayashibara, Minami Takayama, Kotono Mitsuishi, Minoru Inaba, Hisao Egawa, Noriko Uemura, Kenta Miyake.  •  Music by: Narasaki.
Earth was ruined by the Nano-Plague that turned many of its citizens into pure data and devided society in those that live in the artificial Cyber-World DIVA, and those who remained in what is now known as the Ground-World. When hackers from the Ground-World manage to penetrate DIVA's sourcecode, Angela is send back to stop them.


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Image from: Rakuen Tsuihō - Expelled From Paradise (2014)
Image from: Rakuen Tsuihō - Expelled From Paradise (2014)
Image from: Rakuen Tsuihō - Expelled From Paradise (2014)
Image from: Rakuen Tsuihō - Expelled From Paradise (2014)
The only reason I even bothered to check out this movie was because the name Urobuchi was slapped on. Who needs more reasons than that, right? I mean, OK, the trailer looked luring enough by showing a girl with long twin tails and super revealing clothes riding a robot and blowing stuff up. Clear evidence that it has to be a super mature and thought provoking title, like everything else Urobutcher was part of.

The movie begins by making sure that the audience will view the heroine as a sex object, rather than a character with modesty and respect. Here she is, in bikini on some beach, where a guy that is meant to be us, self-inserting our desires on him, is trying to seduce her.

Out of nowhere some virus pops up and she goes after it... completely naked. Yeah, who needs clothes to chase something in the virtual world, of course and it makes sense that she would be naked. Just don't bother to ask why she needs to have a body at all and not to simply be sprites. Whoops, you shouldn't have realized that, so here are some uncensored boobies with nipples to make sure it never crosses your mind.

She fails to stop the virus thing so she goes to her superiors, by wearing her battle uniform. Because she totally needs clothes all of a sudden. Said uniform is equally revealing as her bikini from before, so basically she doesn't hide a damn thing. Might as well be naked. So, her superiors look like Gods from various religions. Owww, such depth and maturity to just slap on theological imagery that has absolutely nothing to do with religion. This is totally no excuse to be pretentious by throwing in mambo jumbo terminology and make it look important because RELIGIONS MAAAAN.

She decides to get a physical body and go investigate this virus thing. Because so far she was just ethereal or something, living in a virtual world. Again, don't ask why she needs a body, much less one that is barely dressed that goes totally commando when chasing viruses. To make sure such a thing will never cross your mind once again, feast your eyes on her new body, a Lolita one, with super extra long twin tails that would completely hinder all her movements if the movie gave a damn about physics. She is again naked, with uncensored nipples. Any reason for why it looks like a walking arousing excuse and not as a modestly dressed male agent or something like that? Kachin! Yes, this virtual wife can take the shape of any fetish you desire, go buy her merchandise.

So after she lands on the psychical realm and proving what a complete klutz that you would love to protect she is, an encounter with desert monsters takes place. She gets into her robot, and flies into action! As usual, the CGI looks nice during battle scenes but the whole thing is completely ruined by the simple fact that the robot is a ball with small legs and arms popping up around it. Jeez, this is a shape you give to small comical robot mascots, not to the titular robot. And it's really hard to be excited about the action when the camera gives us gratuitous butt shots of a twin tail Lolita.

After the completely bogus battle, we get to see Rie Kugimiya doing her usual thing by voicing a stereotypical neurotic girl, constantly angry at a cool guy who clearly knows far more than her, but she is too much of a bitch to admit it. She would make a fine harem girl in any run of the mill school comedy. Just like any other identical role Rie Kugimiya did.

What follows after that is boring and almost plot less. The movie literally wastes over half of its duration on crap that would make you fall asleep. No interesting action, no deep themes explored, not even butt shots to prevent the anime fans from playing with their smart phones for the next hour. Something about the physical world being a fun place and how the digital one is not, and the superiors being douche bags for simply having authority. I don't care movie; you zoomed on the twin tailed Lolita's ass, remember? Eventually we get another flashy action scene, with that ridiculous robotic balloon fighting other robotic balloons. Just like before, there is no reason to care about a stereotypical neurotic girl in a lame robot fighting generic enemies. After that, the movie ends in a completely anti-climactic way. What a waste of 2 hours that was.

TL;DR: This movie is awful, even as a brain-dead action flick. It doesn't even feel like it had anything related to what Urobutcher is notorious about. All the characters, past the main two, you see in the poster and the action scenes of the trailer don't get more than a few minutes of screen time, and even then fail completely to be memorable or interesting. The theme of reality being better to fiction is as superficial as it gets, since the protagonist is a generic neurotic girl Lolita and the villains are stereotypically evil because AUTHORITY MAAAAN!

Review by Petros Malousis from the Internet Movie Database.